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Gina Mars [book/tv series]

A frenzy of seemingly unconnected tragedies, accidents, and murders begin to draw a line connecting two unlikely characters - Gina Mars, a quiet criminologist, and Charlie Stevens, a retired police commissioner. These events seem fated to connect their  destinies, forcing them confront their past and present choices and actions.


GINA MARS is a pulsating dark tale of pain, revenge, guilt, and redemption. It grapples with questions of morality - right and wrong, fairness and justice - in a world where the rich and powerful do not play by the same rules as everyone else.

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About the Book/Series

Alone in her house around 2 AM, Gina Mars hears footsteps slowly and deliberately trudging up the stairs to her bedroom on the second floor, boding of imminent danger. An intruder, a burglar, a rapist, maybe all three. Gina panics and freezes with fear. The footsteps of the intruder trudging up to her bedroom triggers in Gina memories of similar footsteps from her childhood, trudging up the same staircase, around the same time of the night, chilling, ominous, and carrying in their deliberate progress the foreboding threat of harrowing pain. But this time, it cannot be the intruder of her childhood nightmares, unless his ghost has returned to haunt her. Living alone in the huge secluded manor house, Gina has always believed this day would come. But she didn’t expect it to be today. The intruder stops outside her door and takes a deep breath. As the doorknob begins to turn, Gina sees it, a weapon…


Perched on the rooftop, looking into the backyard of a suburban bungalow, retired assistant police commissioner Charlie Stevens adjusts his machine gun one last time. He picks up his old pair of binoculars and looks down into the yard. The men are all gathering around a makeshift stage where their new leader, Jake Powell, is preparing to begin his speech. Binoculars dangling around his neck, his finger caressing the trigger, Charlie listens to Jake clearing his throat, perform a quick mic check and begin to speak to the now silent and attentive group of mostly young people, most of them under twenty-five. Charlie aims at Jake first and squeezes the trigger…

Give it a try

I know your time is precious. I personally don’t like to commit before I try anything. And I am sure you too are the same. So please read a bit before you decide if you want to enjoy the rest of the story. It's only fair. 

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