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Quarrelling with Quotes

Quarrelling with Quotes is serious book that does not take itself seriously. This was one of my early books when I was still sharpening my craft. So, the writing is not great. But there is something for everyone in there - cynicism, comedy, seriousness, thought-provoking, critical reason. Even though it makes me cringe to read now, it's worth a read. I am proud of the cartoons I produced! If anything, buy the book for that, for the cartoons.

About the Book

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We all love a good quote. Everyone - motivational speakers, business leaders, politicians, even presidents - often relies on quotes to deliver their punchlines. Most of us are guilty of liking, sharing, and posting tons of cliché quotes on social media. Yet we also get annoyed when others spam us with cheesy quotes.

  • Why do we love and hate quotes? What do they mean to us?

  • How can we tell real ones from fake ones? Does it matter?

  • Are there hidden dangers in our over-reliance on them?


In this short, cynical book, the author subjects popular inspirational quotes to common sense, ‘sense-checking’ and testing
to see if they hold up. He relies neither on sophisticated research nor robust scientific evidence to support his arguments. Instead, he relies on his own cynical, opinionated, funny ramblings and diatribes to make his point. His genius lies in his ability to inconspicuously slip useful advice on how to deal with life's challenges and live a more balanced and thoughtful life while being cynical about quotes.

Give your copy today

I know your time is precious. I personally don’t like to commit before I try anything. And I am sure you too are the same. So please read a bit before you decide if you want to enjoy the rest of the story. It's only fair. (currently unavailable)

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