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Published Books

Explore my slowly growing catalogue of published, mostly nonfiction, books. Hopefully, you will find something that speaks to you. Please get in touch with me if you are interested in some of my fiction work published under pen names. Also, check my upcoming books and contact me with suggestions, requests, ideas, etc.


Learn. Act. Celebrate

The Learn, Act, Celebrate (LACE) framework sets out a simple, comprehensive, and practical approach for developing and embedding Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) based culture in organisations. The framework can be used to build diverse and inclusive cultures in teams and organisations of any type and size and in any part of the world.

The detailed, pragmatic, and versatile framework presented in this book is an essential guide for DEI practitioners, HR professionals, leaders, managers, and employees who are often given the difficult task of developing and implementing DEI projects and programmes in their organisations or teams.

Blue Banana Business

Blue Banana Business is a charming, inspirational fable that imparts simple but powerful lessons for business and personal success. It is about a poor monkey who is determined to build a successful banana business despite his lack of resources. 

As the fable unfolds, it reveals simple, practical, and timeless principles and lessons for business and personal success, empowering the reader with actionable insights. 


The principles help business-minded people who are passionate and motivated to turn their ideas into businesses. Professionals can also use the principles and lessons. 


Quarrelling with Quotes

Quarrelling with Quotes is a book that doesn't take itself too seriously yet offers a reasonable exploration of the human condition. It was one of my early endeavours, so the writing may not be flawless. However, it's a book that caters to a wide range of interests—cynicism, comedy, seriousness, thought-provoking insights, and critical reasoning. While it may make me cringe to revisit, it's entertaining and enlightening. And if nothing else, the book is a showcase of the cartoons I'm proud to have produced.

In this short, cynical book, I subject famous inspirational quotes to common sense, 'sense-checking,' and testing to see if they hold up. I relied neither on sophisticated research nor robust scientific evidence to support my arguments. Instead, I leaned on my cynical, opinionated, funny ramblings and diatribes to make my point. I tried to inconspicuously slip helpful advice on how to deal with life's challenges and live a more balanced and thoughtful life while being cynical about quotes.

Before You Trade

Online trading promises unlimited potential to make a lot of money while sitting behind your desk or on a sunny beach in the Caribbean. Too good to be true? Well, for the most part, yes, because lurking behind such fantastical prospects is the real danger of catastrophic losses and financial ruin.

 Brokers and trading platforms hide grim warnings in the small print of their terms and conditions.

Before making a lot of money, you must know how to avoid losing money.

 That's where this little guidebook comes in – to warn and show you how to avoid losses while trading online.

This simple guidebook will help you avoid the same mistake I made when I began trading (mainly spread betting) online.


I wrote this little book (more like a pamphlet ) in 2016 when I left my perfectly decent, well-paying job to become a day trader and made a mess of it. Painful as the experience was, it taught me a thing or two about the realities of trading and the dangers of speculating on the stock market. It's not the best book I have written by a mile, but it's useful to those new to trading. 

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