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My Work

This website contains information about my nonfiction books and some of my television and film projects. However, most of my fiction is published under various pen names, so it can not be found on these pages. I am still deciding whether to reveal myself as the author behind the different pen names. When I do, I will let you know.  ​

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Explore my catalogue of published nonfiction books covering many topics – entrepreneurship, business, investment, quality management, restaurants, and even life lessons and quotes. 

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 To starve off boredom, I often work through a handful of books at a time, spreading myself thin, no doubt, but also stretching and flexing my creative muscles. I hope you will find something worthy of your anticipation in the books I am currently writing.

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I am a storyteller first and foremost, and as long as I can play with characters, stories, and language, I derive great joy from writing in different formats and styles. Explore some of my television, film, and theatre projects.

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